The procedure to disable FRP Bypass APK is not difficult to follow but you need a USB flash drive and an OTG cable to apply it.

Many Samsung phone users have difficulties with their secure phone and Google account requested for validation. After resetting their Samsung a message displays “This device has been reset to continue logging in with a Google Account.”

It’s really a hassle for those who can not recover their IDs or others who have had Samsung’s occasions.

Follow the steps below to disable verification of Samsung mobile blocked with
Samsung Google Account . Android is now serious about your security and your privacy, they have taken appropriate measures to protect personal data. Most Samsung users are satisfied with the security, but at the same time they are annoyed when they are stuck with their own devices and can no longer access them.

disable gmail account verification samsung

This device has been reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that has been previously synced to this device.

Samsung’s old devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3 etc … do not have this feature, but the Samsung of the latest generation like the Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, Note 5, Samsung S6 and Samsung S7 have this hang that triggers if you return to the factory settings with the recovery mode.

If you reset your phone, you will be blocked unless you pass the Google Account verification that was used before. If you bought a used Samsung then it would be linked to the account of the former owner if the latter did not remove it.

In most cases, users forget their email or password and are stuck on the Google Check screen. Fortunately you will have the right solution to bypass Google account protection and you do not have to worry.
Thanks to the developer who has released an APK app that can help you bypass the verification step and then clear everything to get normal access to your Samsung Galaxy phone.

How to bypass the Protection of the return to factory settings on Samsung devices or other Android phones? Read more … Before you start, you will need to have access to one of these 2 things to remove Gmail account on Samsung:

  • OTG cable for Android
  • Have access to a PC.

1-Disable Samsung Gmail Account Validation with USB Key

Follow the steps below to remove Google Android Account.

  1. Download the App APK file to unlock the Android Gmail account on Samsung and its verification.
  2. Copy the Apk file to your USB key.
  3. With the OTG cable connected your USB key to the phone.
  4. Once connected, the File Manager will appear and install the apk application.
  5. You should now have access to the phone settings.
  6. Scroll down and find Backup and Reset.
  7. Select Back to factory settings and reset the device which will clear the following items from your device
  •  Google Account
  • System data and applications
  • Device Settings
  • Downloaded applications
  • Music, photos and all other user data.

8. Finally your phone will restart normally and may take a while to restart and this is normal after resetting your device.

2-Disable Samsung Gmail account verification On PC with OTG cable

How to delete Gmail account on Samsung is almost similar to the first method, but instead of using the USB key you will use your PC.

  1. Download and install SideSync APK.
    SideSync APK For PC 
    SideSync APK For Mac
  2. Launch the Run SideSync application on your PC and connect your phone using the USB cable.
  3. You must get a message that shows the screen below:
  4. Select the Chrome browser to download the app’s app that disables the Samsung Phone Account verification request. Enter the following text in the URL bar
  5. Once you download the Apk file, press back to open the Samsung applications. The phone will ask you to install the SideSync on your Samsung, however search the ES File explorer application and have it installed.
  6. After installing the ES File Explorer, open it.
  7. Go to the download folder and run the Samsung account deactivation application to ES file explorer to remove Gmail account on Samsunginstall it.
  8. You should have the settings menu open, scroll down and find Backup and Reset.
  9. Click on reset device.
  10. That’s all ! You have finally unlocked your device.


I hope that by the end of this step-by-step guide you have successfully bypassed Google Account Validation after resetting the Samsung phone.
If in the case that it does not work or you are unable to follow, here are some suggestions that will have to work 100%.
As I said before, Google, Samsung LG and other Android OS phone builders are making improvements to make it difficult for users to work around the security gap.

It is obvious now some particular methods have stopped working.
Fortunately, a service is available online to disable Gmail Samsung account verification which helps you to unlock your device within 24 hours for all Samsung and other Android phones. This account verification service is compatible with any version of Android running on your device. It consists of sending you an email address and temporary password in order to unlock your Samsung. This is the easiest service to disable Samsung Gmail account verification without going through all the procedures described before.

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